Sad Day for Architects (and the rest of us)

prarie ave. bookshop
prarie ave. bookshop

A rather depressing bit of news, but Prairie Avenue Bookshop here in Chicago is closing its doors on September first.

The United States (and Chicago) is hemorrhaging bookstores. We are not just losing a place to purchase books, we are losing places that define communities.

It’s a meeting place, of sorts, for Chicago’s notoriously competitive architectural community.

“You would run into other architects there — or hide from other architects,” Eifler said.

What’s really sad about the whole bit is that their problems are not unique.

“People would come to the bookshop with their notepad, make notes of what they wanted and then go buy it somewhere else,” Wilbert Hasbrouck said last week. He blamed the 10.25 percent sales tax for driving buyers to online booksellers like

Unfortunately for them, gatherings of people don’t pay the bills and keep the new books coming in the store.

Of course what’s needed is a tax policy that realizes the Internet isn’t going anywhere and a county, looking at you Todd Stroger, that doesn’t have contempt for the businesses that operate within its borders (among many other things).

So, remember kids, support your indies.


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