Assouline books out of our ears

Newest addition to our ever evolving sale-book supply: ASSOULINE BOOKS. We received gobs yesterday.

Their small format gems cover everything from The Moulin Rouge to Dolce and Gabbana to Christoffe to Eames. How can you go wrong for $5.98?

Not famaliar with Assouline? Here’s a link to their website and a blurb!

Since 1994, Assouline Publishing has created fine illustrated books covering art, design, fashion, architecture, gastronomy, travel and lifestyle with one simple idea in mind – all that is beautiful in the world ought to be in an Assouline book.

Renowned for their highly original graphic concept, Assouline books are works of art that capture culture and bring it to life. The spirit and “savoir faire” of these works have contributed to the creation of a unique and eclectic, chic and elegant brand that is immediately identifiable.

Yeah, okay, it’s a little over the top, BUT, they’re great little books and, AND, you really can’t beat the price.

They’re displayed prominently in our art/photography/design section (wing), so come on in and take a look.


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