Everone makes their own decisions every day

This is … um. An interesting way to promote literacy. I mean, burning books isn’t, really, the FIRST thing I think of when I’m contemplating what book to read next. But hey, maybe they’re thinking of the omelet analogy. Or. Uh. Burning books.

Pic is small. Click for much larger.

How that ad brain-storming session probably went down:

Ad Exec 1: I’m hungry.

Ad Exec 2: You know what would be great?

Ad Exec 3: I’m kind of hungry too.

Ad Exec 4: Are we talking about lunch?

Ad Exec 1: I was thinking about it. You know what I did last night?

Ad Exec 2: We should promote reading by showing pictures of burning books.

Ad Exec 1: I drank a whole gallon of pork gravy last night.

Ad Exec 3: That is so cool. I am jealous.

Ad Exec 4: A WHOLE GALLON?! God, you’re awesome.

Ad Exec 1: I know! I’m thinking of doing it again tonight.

Ad Exec 2: All right, I  just called down to the art department. Should be done by Friday.

Ad Exec 3: Do you think we can get a box of bacon delivered right now?

(pic via PFTompkins on Twitter)


One thought on “Everone makes their own decisions every day

  1. Yeah I’m not sure how I feel about this campaign either. I have never responded well to threats and fear tactics.

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