Pardon the dust … we need a HEPA filter.

You may, or not depending on how engrossed in your game of minesweaper on your iPhone you are, noticed some sections being moved around at Unabridged. It’s expansion! at the expense of others. History lost a unit. No more new age. But. We’ve got a lifetime of philosophy. Tear.

The gay section, we feel, is now more browsable than ever. Shorter shelving units have really opened up the room. No need to have mirrors and more track lighting!

Also of note: Penguin Classics are getting more room to breathe. They looked so unhappy stuffed into their little shelves barely able to flutter in the wind. And. Drama has more room. No more double-stacked Shakespeare. That’s what those covers look like…

There are a couple of other sections that have moved as a result of the changes, but they are minor and no one is worse for the wear. Except for our arms. Time for some icy-hot!

Come take a look at the shifts and tell us what you think. I’ll post some pictures as soon as I get a digital camera in my hands.


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