I’m just here for the free pastries.

In “Will the Book Survive” Doom and Gloom News for the day:

Someone finally got one of Dave Eggers’ email-based pep-talks! LINK to Gawker commence!

I fill pepped. (If you don’t know full story go here) Of note is that McSweeney’s has been on the front lines, so to speak, for some time in making sure the book stays relevant as a piece of art.

Eggers concludes:

“Physical forms of the written word need to offer a clear and different experience. And if they do, we believe, they will survive. Again, this is a time to roar back and assert and celebrate the beauty of the printed page. Give people something to fight for, and they will fight for it. Give something to pay for, and they’ll pay for it.”

At least Eggers (McSweeney’s and hangers on) is practicing what he preaches. You have to give him credit for that.

Dave Eggers’ new book, ZEITOUN, is due out July 21st on McSweeney’s.


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