Just in time for travel season!

lost on planet chinaTwo NEW paperbacks released today speak of the ills and payoffs of traveling in our flat-planet (referencing Friedman not nutter flat-Earthers) world.

Ever been to CHINA?! No, not the art exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, the country! Our good travel-ogue pal J. Maarten Troost tells of his journey to the communist regime. Here’s what Ed had to say:

“China – too daunting, too intimidating to tackle as a travel subject? Not for J. Maarten Troost, our favorite gonzo traveler and author of The Sex Lives of Cannibals. In yet another comic masterwork of travel writing, Troost brilliantly blends humor with insight, history with person experience, all with a healthy dose of irreverence and a dash of caustic cynicism! Move over Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux — make way for the edgy wit andirreverently funny style of J. Maarten Troost. Ed loved, loved, loved it! Think David Sedaris writing a travelogue.”

If actually getting somewhere is too much work for you Jonathan Miles has the antidote: stuck at O’Hare. Robert says this about Dear American Airlines:

“This is the longest, most prone to digression letter of complaint you’ll ever read. And also the funniest, and most surprisingly poignant. Bennie Ford, a boozy failed poet is in a spot familiar to many  of us: stuck at O’Hare, fuming, and his missive to the airline becomes a confession, a diversion, a story of a life. Read it! Robert recommends!”

We are selling Dear American Airlines at 10% off so come get your copy today.


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