And the book of the month shall be …

New book of the month! Get out your bingo cards. Your scoring is … Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You by Peter Cameron.

Here is what Ed wrote about the book that has just been released in paperback:

“A beautifully written coming of age novel that is funny, sad, tender and sophisticated. I love the voice – narrator James Sveck, high school senior, feels alienated and alone, but in his smart-beyond-his-years way challenges and confronts everyone around him, in scenes which are truly laugh out loud funny! Totally charming and endearing. I love this character and this book!”

Ed highly recommends. We have the book marked at 10% off the cover price.

ALSO!!!! We have Cameron’s backlist marked down as well. So have yourself a little Peter Cameron shopping spree.


One thought on “And the book of the month shall be …

  1. I found the the narrator, James Sveck, displayed a unique adolescent voice. I’m not sure I understood his particular type of angst since his actions often seemed irrational to an extreme. The difficulties of teenage life living with a divorced mother are ratcheted up almost to the breaking point. However, his close relationship with his grandmother was an anchor both for the narrator and this reader. Overall the book was entertaining and ended on an upbeat note, which was a plus.

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