And the book of the month shall be …

New book of the month! Get out your bingo cards. Your scoring is … Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You by Peter Cameron.

Here is what Ed wrote about the book that has just been released in paperback:

“A beautifully written coming of age novel that is funny, sad, tender and sophisticated. I love the voice – narrator James Sveck, high school senior, feels alienated and alone, but in his smart-beyond-his-years way challenges and confronts everyone around him, in scenes which are truly laugh out loud funny! Totally charming and endearing. I love this character and this book!”

Ed highly recommends. We have the book marked at 10% off the cover price.

ALSO!!!! We have Cameron’s backlist marked down as well. So have yourself a little Peter Cameron shopping spree.


Final post about zombies. Probably (probably not).

We have it back in stock, again, but as these things go, it won’t last for long. Won’t you think of the zombies and spend as little as 1 dollar a day for 12 days to purchase your very own copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Think of the children! And Zombies. Mostly just think of Zombies.

This is Ianni hanging a sign that he made because he cares very much about this product.
This is Ianni hanging a sign that he made because he cares very much about this product.
This is what our display looks like. Soon to be devoid of life, but also, not dead.
This is what our display looks like. Soon to be devoid of life, but also, not dead.

City on the make

Have you read anything by Nelson Algren?

This is a great article in the LA Times about Nelson Algren, would have been 100 this year had the grip of alcoholism not taken him, and the efforts of Steppenwolf to explore why he has been forgotten.

Of course, loneliness might have done just as much damage to his brain as did the booze.

Barry Gifford, author of Wild at Heart adds : “”Some fighters can only go eight,” Gifford says, “and he got tired, like Kerouac got tired.” And yet, he continues, “He wrote enough.””

Speaking of Eric Carle

Here is a charming article about Eric Carle in the LA Times.

Choice quote:

“I’m very serious about my work. I know how, for young children growing up, it’s not always easy. A helping hand is important. Honesty is important. Not to confuse is important. Humor can’t be too subtle, or it’s confusing.”

Seems sort of applicable to all ages, no?

Also: don’t forget our sale on kids books tomorrow, Saturday, April 25th Pick up some Eric Carle or any of your other favorite children’s book authors.

slow news day but there is still a sale

Well, spit, I can’t even make any book news up today: ” Spanish attack American ship in Cuban bay! War!”

Just a reminder: we are having a children’s book sale this Saturday. Just mention the discount from this blog post or our email newsletter and all of your kid’s books purchased will be 20% off. This is for Saturday only to help celebrate both the first Open Air French Market of the season AND the 2009 Global and Youth Service Day Jumpstart Chicago event which is proudly featuring Eric Carle and the 40th anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

What you should do: come to the bookstore this Saturday April 25th and get 20% off all the childrens books you purchase.

And we are armed with a gaggle of Eric Carle’s backlist. Everything we could get our hands on. And then go to the open air market across the street. Best scones EVER.