The Kindly Ones … get it? It’s sarcasm

We are going to reserve judgement on The Kindly Ones because, like most 1,000 page novels, we haven’t read it. But here is a rundown of some of the reception so far:

Kakutani: Go Here.

Korda: Go Here

And a good run down from the NYTimes about the general reception so far: Go Here.

The best quote from the NYTimes comes from Gerry Donaghy, a Powell’s Books buyer in Portland,

“It sounds like something where the curiosity factor might be really high,” Mr. Donaghy said. “But on the other hand, it’s: ‘Do I have the time and emotional resources to invest in a 1,000-page book on the Holocaust that sounds like a transcription of Pasolini’s ‘120 Days of Sodom’?” he added, referring to the divisive Italian film based on a novel by the Marquis de Sade.

Of course the large point made in all of this was … WHY DID THEY PAY JONATHAN LITTLELL SO MUCH?! Your moment of zen:

“Harper has planned an initial print run of 50,000 copies. Just to cover the cost of the advance, the publisher — which will receive about half the $29.99 cover price of each hardcover copy sold — will have to sell about 75,000 copies in hardcover. To cover marketing, printing and other overhead costs, it would have to sell even more, although the equation could change, depending on how many paperback copies the book sells.”


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