Several Hundred Thousand Words

Among the many things that David Foster Wallace left unfinished when he cut short his life was another sprawling novel called The Pale King. Hachette (DFW’s publisher) has decided that it will publish what Wallace left behind. Including “notes, outlines, and other material.”

Here is a DFW fan site that is still regularly updating and has traced back excerpts of the novel back to 2006. They actually have quite a bit of information.

The New Yorker has also printed a couple of sample pages from the manuscript in this weeks issue. So … check it out? Or don’t. One can argue the validity of publishing unfinished things. Like Nabokov’s son and his perennial back and forth over whether to publish the final manuscript his father told him to destroy. Or Kafka’s friend publishing everything that Kafka told him to destroy.

But I guess since DFW didn’t ask his wife to destroy the material …


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