Advanced Reading Copy Giveaway Spectacular Explosion!

Unabridged Bookstore is going to be finally using all the Advanced Reader Copies that we get to good use: We’ll be giving them away!! March 5, 2009. One condition: you have to buy a book (any book) first. Buy a book and get an ARC (that’s industry lingo) from the books we’ll have set up.

“What is an ARC?” You ask. When a publisher wants us booksellers to help them push a book they’ll give us an advanced copy of the book. Sometimes the cover is the same, and sometimes it’s not but the content is almost always the finished book. We get so many of them because every single publisher wants us (the staff at Unabridged) to be reading all of their books because word-of-mouth advertising is the best kind: FREE!

This batch that we’ll be giving away with a book purchase are all new ARCs. Most of these titles have not yet been released. Some examples: Thrillers by Lee Child, Ted Dekker, and Ian Pears. Ficiton by Francine Prose, Rose Trumain, David Ebersoft, Dara Horn, Dennis Cooper, Colson Whitehead, Paulo Coelho, and lots of debut novels. There are also non-fiction titles about Faulkner, potatoes, fish, Newton, malaria, curiosity, ants, anorexia, and Gone with the Wind. Of course there’s more. So many more.

So mark your calendars for March 5, 2009 and tell your friends and your friend’s friends. We’ll let you pick while supplies last. The best one’s will go fast, so don’t dilly-dally.


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