Unabridged book of the month for April

the story of marriageOur featured April book of the month is The Story of Marriage by Andrew Sean Greer. Ed had this to say: 

It is San Francisco 1953, and narrator Pearlie relates the circumstances of her marriage to childhood sweetheart Holland Cook. But a strange appears at her door one day, and the plot is propelled through a series of twisting revelations and agonizing decisions by all three characters. Greer gives a beautiful portrait of the racial, sexual and social issues of the early 1950’s with its climate of fear and repression.

Greer’s crystalline prose makes this novel soar! Ed Highly recommends.

Greer is also the author of The Confessions of Max Tivoli. Come check it out. New in paperback from Picador and 10% off.


Wheel of Time updates

Meant to post this yesterday, but hey, sometimes a bottle of wine takes priority.

The last book in Robert Jordan’s unfinished epic, The Wheel of Time series, is going to be split into three separate books under the original title for the manuscript A Memory of Light.

President of Tor Books, Tom Doherty, had this to say in the press release:

“It is a magnificent closure to a great American epic fantasy whose journey began almost twenty years ago. There is no way Robert Jordan would have squeezed it to a single volume, and somehow it seems fitting that what began as a trilogy will also end as one.”

Though there has been some outcry over the handling of the final manuscript. Seems R.J himself lamented probably having to split the final book in half because of it’s heft, but Tor is being accused of, what else, greed (or money speak: maximizing profit margin). Though no one should be surprised as this cash-cow for Tor is coming close to it’s end after 18 years and millions of copies sold.

The author working with Jordan’s manuscript, Brandon Sanderson, had a blog post as a rebuttal of sorts. Worth a read for some context.

Though I am sure that all of R.J’s fans will still buy the last three books (look at how much Scholastic milked out of the last Harry Potter book) as it’s the capstone to the whole damn thing.

The first of the final books, titled The Gathering Storm, will be published November 3, 2009.

Yes. We’ll have it.

Once a Runner

In a move like that cult self-published favorite turned mega bestseller, The Shack, Once a Runner is heading towards big-house publication on April 7 via Simon and Schuster. Never heard of it? You aren’t alone, but you are a shrinking majority. The Wall Street Journal has an interesting interview with the author, John Parker. He talks about the history, his fans, etc.

It also seems he is not afraid to toot his own horn. When asked why his book has attracted such a following:

“I think it’s good fiction. I studied with Harry Crews [a leading southern novelist and essayist] as an undergraduate and took seminars even when I was in law school. The University of Florida had a great writing program. You’d bring your stuff in, the teacher would read it, and then everyone would attack it. You’d then hash it out, and I think I learned what I needed to know.”

Hubris much?

Initial print run is 30,000. Once a Runner, by John Parker.

The Zombie Menace!

pride and prejudice and zombiesWe have it! We have the book. In my hands, right now, is the cream of the crop. The top-dog. The bee’s knees. The cat’s pajamas! Whew!

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Oh, do not doubt the power of this book. It will change your life one zombie infestation in polite 19th century English society at a time. Here are some choice quotes:

“A few of the guests, who had the misfortune of being too near the windows, were seized and feasted on at once.”

“The creatures were crawling on their hands and knees, biting into ripe heads of cauliflower, which they mistaken for stray brains.”

This is more than a daft reference. This is the actual text of P&P sandwiched between a zombie horde. Do the Bennets have what it takes to survive genteal British society; for Elizabeth to fall in love with Mr. Darcy; for England to ever be the same again?!

Yeah, you need this book. Many worlds of thanks to Seth Grahame-Smith. A+

We gets thingz for freez

Just to let you know … we have all of these free movie passes to Adventureland for April 2. You just have to come in and ask for one.

It has that delightful Jesse Eisenberg (from Squid and the Whale) and Kristen Wiig!! I was totally writing this movie off until I saw the preview last night.

Marketing? Job well done.

Tom of Finland? Why yes we do.

Now you can be just like Museum of Modern Art in New York and own a piece of Touko Laaksonen. In this case: all of it. Taschen has just released the complete Tom of Finland XXL. From the taschen website:[LINK IS VERY NSFW]

“At 29cm x 40.5cm and 666 pages, Tom of Finland XXL contains over 1,000 images, covering six decades of the artist’s career. The work was gathered from collections across the US and Europe with the help of the Tom of Finland Foundation, and features many drawings, paintings and sketches never previously reproduced.”

The book is gigantor – much like some of the, um, body parts on Finland’s illustrations. Whether you like his illustrations for, ahem, utilitarian purposes, or recognize Laaksonen’s work as art, this book is worth a look.

It includes: “Eight specially commissioned essays on Tom’s social and personal impact by Camille Paglia, John Waters, Armistead Maupin, Todd Oldham, and others, plus a scholarly analysis of individual drawings by art historian Edward Lucie-Smith. For the man—or woman—who thinks bigger is better, Tom of Finland XXL is certain to satisfy.”

We currently have it on sale at 30% off. That’s $139.99!