Please … no more vampires

When the number one and two books in Italy are Twilight and New Moon, respectively, I think it’s time to cut out the Mormon-turned-vampire novels.

What we need instead: European imports! The NYTimes has a nice little write-up of Europa Editions. The company just turned its first profit which is amazing given its old school business model. This has not gone unnoticed:

“Some larger publishers are starting to envy Europa’s selection and its frankly retro publishing model. Mr. Carroll “finds things, picks things up for a little bit of money and makes a lot out of them,” said Jonathan Galassi, publisher of Farrar, Straus & Giroux. “Most of publishing was once that way. It wasn’t about big money so much. He’s sort of preserving the old values of it’s-all-about-the-book and connecting the book with readers.””

And guess what this relates to? My post yesterday about the Harper’s article AND Kathy Griffin!!! OMGZ!1!! Didn’t think I would do it, did you? Ha! But I kid!

We carry some of these books, but now I want to read more. Let’s hear it for the hedgehog. Would you name a pet hedgehog Sonic, or is that too obvious? Maybe I’d name him Morton.


3 thoughts on “Please … no more vampires

  1. I have a grumpy old chinchilla named Alfred J. Prufrock, so I vote for a literary name for your hedge. A prickly character, perhaps – Holmes? Caulfield? “The Underground Man”?

  2. henceforth he will be known as Mr. Pilkington and he’ll do odd jobs around the city for a half-penny.

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