Things I’ve Been Silent About

The NYTimes has a good review of the new memoir by Azar Nafisi, the author of Reading Lolita in Tehran. But, our own Shane reviewed the book a month ago and came to the same conclusion: a great read that brilliantly demonstrates the clostrophobia and hypocrisy of private life in Iran. Shane wrote this on a recommend card:

“Nafisi returns with a memoir more intimate than her previous Reading Lolita in Tehran. Things I’ve Been Silent About examines the silences that have shaped her life. Stuck between her father, an Iranian politician, and her controlling, delusional mother, Nafisi escaped into the uncensored world of reading and writing. She began to chronicle the things she couldn’t speak about to anyone, revealing a devastating portrait of a family built on secrets and denial. Nafisi’s prose is crisp and candid, her revelations endearing and often heartbreaking.

Things I’ve Been Silent About transcends the turbulent politics of Iran by examining the universal struggle for independence as well as connection.”

You know what this means … you should read the book.


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