The things you own end up owning you

Important Artifacts Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry. Just in time for Un-Valentines day? This catalog is a couple’s love story and final dissolution told through their collected stuff. The shared life told in between the wooden birds and pictures of Lenore Doolan putting on lipstick become tender and real.

Thesis: Love is more than our accumulated things but those things are also an intimate reminder of an intangible event.

The article in The Times (guess which one) had this nice quote:

“It’s sort of about how reliant we are on our things to define us,” Ms. Shapton said, acknowledging that there is a strain of what she described as somewhat “suffocating discernment” running through the protagonists’ lives. “But I wanted to balance that with a pretty genuine love of very private meaning,” she said, adding that most of the things put up for sale are “those kinds of things that mean everything to the person who owned them and nothing to anyone else.”

This would be great with a nice note/poem/story about both the eternalness one feel in love but also the conflict with time that we must work within.

Signed. Sealed. Delivered. I’m yours.


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