discover the art of the novella

Bless Melville house. The novella is rarely respected. Why? Because it’s usually an overpriced harddcover that barely has enough pages to line the inside of a shoebox. Or it’s burried in a collection of short stories.

But now, NOW, we get some nice design-y type pocket sized paperbacks that are cheap! Oh and are they cheap. They’re all between $9 and $10 and we’ve got them marked down a further 10% to offset that awful, AWFUL, Cook County sales tax. How many days until that bozo can be voted out?

We’re carrying the older novellas, but Melville also publishes contemporary novellas (though a bit more expensive) in the same format. Let us know if you want us to carry them. Follow this link!

You will get such gems as:

The Girl With the Golden Eyes by Balzac

Mathilda by Mary Shelley

A Simple Heart by Flaubert

You get the idea? There are, like, a million of them. Or 25. Ish. Stop by and take a look.


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