I kind of feel bad.

As of TWO days ago, Sara Nelson, 4 year Editor at Publisher Weekly with her mixed results, has been sacked. Ok, old news now.

What really got me is that in her last weekly column in the PW we got today. The title: “Change I Believe In” I actually cringed a little. Couldn’t fire her before she wrote that article? Put in a little bright-pink insert disclaimer?

Her article actually reads like a self-aware missive. Did she know she was on the outs?

“In other words, while everything suggests that the road ahead is going to be rocky, like many others in BookLand, we’re still on our feet – and moving forward – because we’re still passionate about what we do.”

One last plea? It reads like a evaluation to a consultancy firm right before they start liquidating staff per the executive board.

Well, Sara, good luck out there. Books are going to need it.


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