John Cheever never tasted so good

I am really excited for the new Cheever biography to come out. This thing is going to be a monster. But a good monster like Grape Ape or … um … when Godzilla was good for that brief time.

I’ll post a full length review when it comes out (March 10) but it’ll be glowing. Its only downside is how exhaustive it is. Blake Bailey had access to everything, and Cheever’s estate didn’t care what Bailey published be it good or damaging to Cheever’s legacy. Not that anyone reads Cheever anymore. The bio sort of gets at how someone can go from being a heavyweight in their lifetime to pushed to the sidelines and considered a minor footnote.

This book definitely soaked up a couple weeks of my life. Blake Bailey is a fantastic biographer. He has previously published a bio on Richard Yates. Also considered to be fantastic.

Other things to be excited about? Kittens.


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