Does anyone still go to goodreads?

I mean, I’ve had an account for the better part of 37 years, and I hardly use the sucker anymore. Anyone else?

My whole problem is that there is no friend-sharing-type program integration with reading. Why must reading be considered a solitary act? Look at the Twilight explosion. It certainly isn’t a best seller because it’s well written – all word of mouth. Social. Then you can gab and gab about what this vampire is doing to that wolf-creature and who is/is not kissing whom.

Facebook has some stale page that creaks along and barely works. And Goodreads. Really? I have to go to goodreads? I’d rather rant on a blog about it.

This all circles back, of course, to a Slate article I read this morning. Worth checking out. Because, and I hold my nose when I say this, Google will inherit the Earth. Or a moon. Maybe not our moon. Does Mars have a moon? (Editor: Yeah, It has two. Phobos and Deimos) They can have that one.


2 thoughts on “Does anyone still go to goodreads?

  1. I definitely visit Goodreads often, and so do a lot of my friends. One bookstore in Chicago that uses Goodreads (and uses it well) is The Book Cellar. Check out their profile. I only found this post on your blog because I was looking to see if your bookstore had a Goodreads page! I like reading your employee comments when I’m in your store, and would love to read them more often on Goodreads as updates. It would probably suck me in to browse and buy more often!

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