Opus and Bill and Pete & Pickles

pete&pickles coverSomeone came in today speaking of classic Bloom County cartoons and it got me thinking. Oh yes, Virginia, I do think…from time to time.

As some of you may very well realize Berkeley Breathed has had a second (maybe it’s third…actually if you count the movies, it’s fourth) career writing and illustrating children’s books.

We love, LOVE, his style – very similar to the Bloom County shenanigans that made him so famous.

Robert had this to say for all of us:

“Pete’s a pig who doesn’t even know he’s lonely until he meets the ungainly, irresistible elephant, Pickles. Breathed’s amazing illustrations pay homage to the art of the past, the pleasures of friendship, and the power of play. We dare you to red this and not get caught in its spell.”

Here’s a pic. Enjoy the ride! Weeeeeeeeeee!

pete & pickles


One thought on “Opus and Bill and Pete & Pickles

  1. Sweeeeetttt!!!! I had a friend, way back in the day, that actual had a snail mail pen pal thing with Berke. He is a genuis, now I’ll half to get this one for the kids….

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