Half of everyone is reading again!

Guess what! Half of the country is reading again!

“The proportion of adults reading some kind of so-called literary work — just over half — is still not as high as it was in 1982 or 1992, and the proportion of adults reading poetry and drama continued to decline.”

So does that mean those cereal-box-tops I read do not count as “literary work”? I will have you know, Frosted Mini-Wheats has quite the learned vocabulary.

But let us not forget the little creatures: the poetry folk. Where would we be with our Ferlinghettis and our Nerudas and our Olivers and our Silversteins and our Bishops?  —>

Elizabeth Mirr Boje, an education professor at the University of Michigan added a downer: “The rise could just as easily be attributed to changes in health care or a need for escape in difficult economic times.” Charles Dickens anyone? No? I didn’t think so.

So really the lesson for everyone is: something. I don’t know. I kind of just skimmed the article.


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