Just because Gawker says it …

The Gawk previously reported (and yes even the NYTimes fumbled this one, but the Times is held to a lower standard) that Herman Rosenblat (the guy who lied about his holocaust memoir) was seeking to republish his work of fiction as a … work of fiction. In the style of a certain previously discredited Oprah pick. To quoth:

“Eager to capitalize on Herman Rosenblat‘s infamy, a small upstate publisher is trumpeting its “serious discussion” to publish Rosenblat’s fake memoir as fiction. Or as they say in the indusry, “to pull a Frey.””

BUT! Hot off the presses from Publisher’s Lunch:

“A number of outlets have misconstrued reports of small press York House negotiating for the rights to issue Herman Rosenblat’s story as a work of fiction–including a brief in today’s NYT, even though the online version of the story links directly to a York House press release.

To be clear, the press is negotiating for rights to “a work of fiction…based on the screenplay, tentatively called, Flower at The Fence, about Herman Rosenblat’s life and love story.” Movie producer Harris Solomon (and his attorney), who controls film rights to the book, is the one negotiating the license.

There is no plan or effort to issue Rosenblat’s cancelled memoir itself as a work of fiction. Agent Andrea Hurst underscores that “neither Herman or I are involved in any way, and find this appalling.””

Hooray! Everyone is offended! Equal opportunity! Just to be clear this is quite different than the Jewel of Medina flap that Random House bungled early last year. That was always fiction. And at least Frey wasn’t trying to capitalize on horrible collective event. It’s really not such a fine line that separates the two.


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