Chicago News around the World

Need some Chicago-based updates that don’t have to do with Blago and Burris? Or … Obama. I mean, we could just walk over to Blago’s house and ask him what’s going on, but who wants to walk all the way over to Ravenswood Manor?

Snow-Plow issue … RESOLVED: I guess all of those complaints finally added up. And then you think to yourself … this is why we sold the City parking meters?

I liked the man: What’s Mark Cuban going to do now? I say … let him buy a cracker factory and then a cheese factory and combine them into one delicious product!

BUT Who are going to be the new owners? Does anyone have $400 million they can loan me.

Mark your calendars right next to the kitty with the yarn: Primary: March 3, Election April 7th. Hey, Blago did something!

Either avoid or participate: Improv Everywhere’s 8th annual no-pants subway ride. Starts Saturday at noon. You know you want to … By far the best comment from chicagoist about the ride: “oh sure, on sat it’s improv, but the other 364 days a year when i do it, it’s “indecent” or “disgusting” or i get “arrested…”


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