buy the book and keep circulating the tapes

Of course we are going to say this, but now someone else is too! Hooray for corroborating evidence.

The article a cool little missive from those people at Get Rich Slowly. The author details the average cost of a book versus other leisure activities (our base-jumping habit not included) and talks about the uniqueness of the reading and bookstore experience.

What’s also interesting is her talk of the “shared reading experience”:

“Often when I buy books, I pass them to my mother or sister and expect them continue handing the books around. I rarely balk at letting someone borrow a book (or three or four). I like that I can read something and then “release it into the wild”. This method of circulation has taken hold among my family, and I would guess one out of every three books is something that was given to me. This year I’ve given away over 20 books.”

If you could follow the life of your favorite book, where would it go? I think the farthest I’ve ever gotten a book is Tel Aviv, Israel … where it was promptly destroyed in a house flood.

AND.  Bookstores make you cool. That’s science.


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