O, Salinger, hath god forsaken you?

THIS is a great little tidbit from that venerable institution the New York Times. Does anyone still care about Salinger? This is a telling sentence:

“Mr. Salinger’s disappearing act has succeeded so well, in fact, that it may be hard for readers who aren’t middle-aged to appreciate what a sensation he once caused.”

Salingers Smirk
Salinger's Smirk

I respect how well written the books are, but do they still speak the same as they once did? But just look at that smirk. It’s like he knew one day he was going to piss everyone off.

Congrats to you, Mr.  Salinger.


closing early

Listen, as much as I’d love to be open all hours of day and night, really, we gotta’ close sometime. So what does this mean … I don’t know. I forgot. Um. Cheese? We’re only open until 5pm today. AND we’re not open at all tomorrow. Closed.

Smiling Shark
Smiling Shark

But turn that frown upside down, we’ll be open again on Friday. At 10am.

Happy New Year and all that.

small turns

Doing some small updates to make this blog-topia a little more featured. (Thanks Robyn).

So you will see some small things pop-up from time to time. Don’t freak out whatever you do, I’ve got this!

Also, I’ll hardwire the link in … yeah … but if you want to sign up for our newsletter – it’s usually just a monthly summation of books and news – you can click here. or here. BUT NOT HERE!!

You know what this blog needs? Comic strips. I’m gonna work on that. I’ll get back to you.

I understand the importance of kitten videos

But what else is important for this site? What do you want to see when you come to visit? Publishing gossip? New books? Book reviews? More kittens? Puppies? Ferrets? Other daily updates of memes?



New Book: Report of Myself by Gregoire Bouillier. [Small digression alert]: Did you read The Mystery Guest? Stop that. You should. It’s barely 150 pages, but dripping in spectacularness. A memoir centered around one party that Gregoire Bouillier must attend because he’s trying to see if his ex-girlfriend has rekindled her interest towards him. [digression over] Bouillier has written a followup. Well. A pre-followup. Report on Myself takes the reader (that’d be me since I don’t know who’s reading it yet) buzzing about Bouillier’s life. So far: amazing. Full report to follow upon completion. Paperback. 12 bucks.

Publishing Gossip: “Berkley Books is canceling publication of Angel at the Fence, after receiving new information from Herman Rosenblat’s agent, Andrea Hurst, according to a statement from Berkley received this afternoon.” Reports Publishers Weekly. This is a big deal. This would be what not to do with a memoir. Actually I think the story is deeper than what we know at the moment. Snap judgments abound!

Top 10 top 10 Lists of 2008: http://www.buzzfeed.com/scott/top-10-top-10-lists-of-2008 There’s some good ones in there.

kick-jab-10, out!

New email newsletter sent

You might, MIGHT, have an email sitting in your inbox from us. And if you’d hold on one dern second, I’ll just tell you what it’s about … Hold on, I need more coffee.

We’ve got various deals going on to celebrate New Years. There are a gaggle (yes, I said gaggle) of photography books, cook books, and other misc. coffee table books available at 40% off the retail price.

Where else are you going to find a copy of Bat-Manga at 40% off? Come to think of it … where else are you going to get a copy of Bat-Manga?

And … as promised in the newsletter … kittens.